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June 17- Ask and you shall receive.

With my afternoon tea party fast approaching (and my 30’s even quicker! Eeeek!) I realised that I had nothing appropriate to wear. The birthday girl must wear something nice yes? So I popped a little message on face book asking if anyone would be willing to gift me with a couple of hours of kid free time to find myself a little something. My mate Dannii came to my rescue. Thanks babe. After a little bit of searching I found the perfect party dress for an afternoon tea party. It’s pink, it’s pretty and it makes me feel like a girl. Perfect! It actually makes me look like I have boobs and a waist 😉 you’ll get to see the rest after Sunday 😀


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June 16- Many hands make light work.

Today I captured this photo of all the kids at church Playgroup trying to help pack away the toys. Arn’t they cute. Many hands really do make light work ( but in this case some bigger hands were needed too 😉 ).


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June 15 – Waste not, want not.

Not really a lesson I learnt today but a lesson I reinforced today.

I have learnt while growing up to be resourceful. To not be wasteful. To turn old things into new things. I think I am fairly good at this. Tonight I had cooked too much potato for dinner, so I pulled out my recipe book full of recipes I collect from my wonderful Mother and made up a potato cake. It is something Mum does when she has left over potato.

It’s quick and easy to make and oh so yummy 🙂

It is just-

1 cup of warm mashed potato
1 cup of sugar
2 cups of SR flour

Mix together with enough milk to make moist and bake in a greased loaf tin for 20-30mins on 180deg.

So easy and it makes a yummy treat to enjoy with a cuppa. Cut, butter and Enjoy 😀


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June 14- Long weekends are great for relaxing .

(photo taken Saturday night on way home after party)

Spent the day relaxing and pottering around at home. Shannon cleaned the windows and wrote some reports. The girls and I visited some friends. Gotta love long weekends 🙂

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June 13 – Teaching/Learning independence takes time.

Today at lunch time Tilly asked to make her own sandwich. She has done it a couple of times now and sometimes I say yes and sometimes I can’t be bothered waiting and I say no. Today was a yes day. I know she needs the practise in order to learn and develop her own independence and skills as a sandwich maker in her own right 🙂 So I thought I would capture the even to share with you all.

Step one: Choose your bread (of course she chose crust…her favourite piece)-

Step 2: Apply margarine-

Step 3: Apply your choice of topping (Matilda’s choice today… Golden syrup… interesting choice)-

Sometimes a little extra effort is needed 😉

Step 4: Apply a pinch of sprinkles (needed on top of all sandwiches Matilda makes herself)-

Ok, so a pinch wasn’t enough-

But really… the whole jar? (being a good Mummy and not interrupting the process 🙂 ).

Phew… at least some go back. Hahahahah-

See Mum… I did it myself-

Step 5: Cut into desired sized pieces and eat 🙂

Good work Princess! Now can you please make mine and Zoe’s too? No Mummy I eat mine now. Oh well it was worth a try 🙂 Guess I still have to feed myself and the baby 🙂


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June 12 – I’m a sensible girl.

Todays lesson came to me when I least expected it.

We spent the evening celebrating Amy’s 30th birthday.

We danced-

We ate-

We laughed-

We had an overall good time.

But I did learn that I am a sensible girl. I looked around the room at all the high heels, the short skirts, the pretty hair, the makeup and I felt a bit dull to be honest. I wore jeans and a black top. Sensible clothing. Practical clothing. It was cold. I wore pants. I wore covered shoes with socks. Not high heels and stockings. I wore my hair up in a ponytail, out of the way of tiny fingers. I wore no earrings for little hands to grab or pretty chunky necklaces to be pulled on. I looked like a Mum. I had the kids there. I left before 10pm. Just when they turned the music up, turned the smoke machine on, we left. Time to take the kids home to bed. I have learnt that my life is different to the whole party scene. I don’t belong there right now (not sure I ever really did). I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about that. I just know that it’s a different place to where I am in my life right now. Maybe I’ll visit there some other time.


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June 11 – The key to success is preparation.

Today I started preparations for my birthday next week… when I turn 30! Eeekkk!

Still lots to prepare but It’s fun to get started 🙂

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