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Happy Birthday to…

Kyle for the 1st Oct –

Briana for the 4th Oct –

and Chloe for the 4th also –

Happy Birthday Kiddos. Was thinking of you all xxx 


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Matilda’s 1st…

Thought I’d post a couple of pics of a few 1st’s for Matilda.

1st drive in the car…

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1st shower…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1st cuddle from her cousin Tess (sorry i can’t put pics from her cuddles with everyone as my time and space is limited 🙂 )…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tilly has had lots of 1st’s this fortnight. 1st visitors, 1st day at church, 1st day at school, 1st presents, flowers, shopping trip etc.

I just want to take a moment to say a big Thank you to  all of the people who have given us so many lovely gifts. Matilda has been spoilt! Thank you so much!!!!

Anyhow, where was I?… oh yes…well Matilda has had a pretty good week. We are slowly getting a routine sorted out although we are still learning about sleep time and not cry time 🙂 but  we’ll get there. Matilda seems to get over tired very easily and then finds it hard to go to sleep but I’m hoping routine will sort itself out soon enough.

Enjoy the pics…oh why not, here’s another two just because she looks so adorable in them.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enjoy…much love, J xox


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Happy Birthday Ashca & Gemma!

I’ve been so busy with bub that I didn’t get a chance to say online Happy Birthday to our beautiful God daughters Ashca & Gemma. Happy Birthday for Tuesday girls. You are both growing so quickly and into such beautiful individuals. We are so proud of you both already.

Ashca- You have such a lively, bubbly personality that we just love.

Gemma- Your sensitive nature is precious and we adore you.

Here is a pic taken 12 months ago when the twins were born.

Gemma & Ashca-

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Boy have you grown since then!

We love you both, Jodi, Shannon & Matilda xox

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yay Half way…5mths

Well, we’ve made it to five months… 20 weeks. I went and had my scan last week and the lady said all was perfect so that was great news. The scan pics didn’t turn out that great though as bubs is so active and kept moving all the time (the baby especially loved to hide under my belly button). This made getting a 3D scan virtually impossible and so we came away with not great pics but definatly a great little bub still growing in there.

Here is a pic of my belly at 20 weeks for those interested…

 20 week belly pic

I have felt bubs moving a lot more lately and seemed to be moving a lot today during our worshiup service at Chapel at school today (may have enjoyed the kids all singing).

Well, Shannon is on camp for 3 days this week and will be back on Wednesday. We have a busy next couple of weeks actually as we are moving this coming weekend which is Labour Day long weekend here in Victoria.

The following weekend we are driving home for our yr 10 reunion which should be fun.

Anyhow, Might go give the folks a call, Belly rubs for all, J xox 

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Bubs at 13 weeks.

Well, here’s bubs’ scan taken on Monday 15th Jan 07 at 13 weeks 4 days.

By now bubs:

  • is 7.07cm long
  • weighs as much as 1/2 a banana
  • has own unique finger prints
  • has formed all 20 teeth buds
  • has vocal cords beginning to form
  • has intestines forming
  • liver begins making insulin
  • head can move easily from side to side
  • facial features are starting to form

The scan went well. They checked for down syndrome and have placed it has a low risk pregnancy for that so thats great news.

In other news – (man it’s been ages since I posted on here), our holidays went well besides the fact that it rained a fair bit while we were away (which was great news for Bega but not so good news for camping). Rusty had to have major abdominal surgery as he had a 7.5cm split in his diaphragm (they think caused by a blow to the guts from a car or horse – we not aware of either happening), his small intestines, his spleen and 2 parts of his liver were up in his chest cavity next to his heart starting to adhere to the sides so had obviously been there a few weeks…poor rusty, so $800 he has had his op and is recovering really well. Shannon has taken him to the vets to have his stitches out today.

Here is a pic of his stitches…


Anyhoo, I really should go finish a quilt i started yesterday for a little girl born last week from our local church. Love to all, J xox


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10 weeks!

Today I am 10 weeks. A quarter of the way through my pregnancy. We are on holidays at Mum & Dad’s at the moment in Cobargo and having a fun time camping with Dannii, Israel, Chloe, Ashca & Gemma (even though the rain has helped the girls get colds and the whole family get over camping a little – ok a lot – Dannii can’t wait to go home) Oh well. Today is ‘our’ little Christmas since we wont be seeing the Bests on Christmas day so We got to open pressies this morning and have some yummy white Christmas to eat. I got a beautiful scrapped clock – which I think is gorgeous! and Shannon got a BBQ apron which holds your BBQ utensils and folds up to make a bag- so cool. 10 week old ‘Glitter’ even got a present – a pair of knitted green booties – adorable. I Love Christmas!!! 

 Well – I am here at Tammie’s ready to colour her hair (but she’s not home yet) so thought I would update my blog while I wait.

Last night Dannii, Peta and all the guys went shooting and bought home a few rabbits for the dogs. We did some more target practice today and out of two shots each, I was the only one to hit the target – so pround! 🙂

 I thought I should give you a preg update too so you know what’s been happening. Well, I still seem to be having my morning chuck most morning and have even had a couple in the evenings (or on the side of the road – travelling seems to make it worse). I have been having a couple of strange dreams but not about babies – mostly about food! I dreamt I had a really yummy nutmeat sandwich last week and this week I dreamt I ate a really yummy vegemite and cheese sandwhich…so funny. I don’t crave food when I’m awake – only when I’m asleep…weird!

Anyhow, not much elsae to report. Love to all, J xox

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Christmas Stockings…

Hello everyone, just thought I’d post a pic of the Christmas set up & the stockings I made for my class. Christmas is so close…can’t wait…


I am busy sewing vests for the school concert now. Three done, twenty to go. Here are two i made tonight…



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