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Plan B

Plan B – I don’t like you!

Can we go back to Plan A? Please? Back to sleeping in til at least 7.30am instead of 6am. Back to sleeping through the night instead of waking 4 times and demanding milk for 3 of those times. I do not like you Plan B! I want Plan A back 😦 …

Tired mummy today.


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Plan B- It’s all about perspective.

So she may not have the best taste in fashion just yet but she certainly has style! Letting children choose their clothes and dress themselves often takes patients and requires you to turn a blind eye to what YOU think looks good. Because when it all boils down, life is about learning and living and you only live once so you may as well love what you wear.

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Plan B – Babies like ice-cream too, so it seems :)

Today we went to watch Oli play soccer. We stopped at Moruya on the way home for some lunch and an ice-cream. Matilda decided to share hers with Zoe. Probably not something I would normally encourage but hey, I guess one small ice-cream (it was mostly cone anyhow) isn’t going to hurt her. 🙂

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Plan B – Let kids be kids :)

Today my gorgeous niece Sami made a public commitment and was baptized. I am so proud of her.

It was a lovely day. She chose to be brave (or crazy perhaps) and was baptized at the mouth of the river at Tathra. The water was freezing but there were enough warm smiles and hugs around to quickly warm anybody.

Matilda loves water and wants to be in it at any opportunity she can get. I tried keeping her out if it for a while, trying to keep her dry and warm. After a while I begin to think about how quickly we turn from free little carefree children into ‘boring’ conservative adults. I changed my mind and decided to let her be free and enjoy her self. She quickly striped off and had a little swim. She loved it. Her words were ‘the water is a bit warm to me Mum’. I thought, yep, a bit warm but a LOT cold but hey, she’s having a great time and it won’t be long and she’ll be too big to strip off naked for a quick skinny dip so I’ll let her enjoy it while she can 🙂


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Julys Challenge- Plan B

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Plan B – Go local.

Today begins the start of July and the beginning of a new challenge. I realize I havn’t finished all of June. I have lots of photos to share and hope to put them up at some stage however, I don’t want to not begin July now and risk falling further and further behind.

So July- a new challenge. The theme for Julys challenge is ‘Plan B’. What did I do differently today that altered my original plan? What was the outcome of this change?

Today I asked Shannon how he would like to spend our day. He suggested a drive to Bega, a day of shopping and browsing around town. I thought about this suggestion but decided to alter our days plans a little and decided to spend the day at home with my Mum instead. I do enjoy shopping but live spending days with my Mum and couldn’t bare the thought of wasting a day in meaningless shops when I could be cherishing time with my Mother. So Shannon spent some time working at His parents house and chopped them some wood and I hung out with Mum. We baked, we made cumquat marmalade, we cleaned and prepared food (I even did a bit of work stamping). It was a great day and I was so glad I had chosen to spend my day this way when Mum remarked how much she enjoyed having me around 🙂


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