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Strawberry vanilla topping / Jam tutorial

Last week my local Fruit and Veg shop had strawberries for $1.99 for 500g pun nets. I thought this was a great price so I grabbed a few punnets with the idea in mind that I would make up some strawberry Jam.

I found this recipe here

So this is my version.

Take your yummy Strawberries (I used 1.5 kg).

Remove the green tops and wash them.

Add them into your pot along with:

Seeds of 2 vanilla pods (Throw the beans pods and all in for the boiling part but remove them before you mash it all up).
10 1/2 ounces (450 grams) sugar
2-3 tablespoons lemon juice
dash of salt

Mush it up. I used my metal potato masher but it was still a little too chunky for me so I ended up using my bar mix for a bit. Don’t forget to leave some large chunks of yumminess. Put on a medium heat to bring to a gentle simmer and leave to cook for about 4 minutes. Using a ladle remove the scum from the top and leave to cool.

Place in sterilized jars.

This mixture made up this many jars!

Store your jam in the fridge.

Note: My jam turned out a little runnier then I would have likes. Perhaps I should have cooked it a little longer or perhaps it needed a little more lemon (I used 2 tablespoons). It did make delicious strawberry topping though and eaten on Ice-cream or yoghurt, it is divine!

Enjoy! Be sure to let me know if you make some too!



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Upcycling makes me happy!

This morning I looked into my cupboard looking for some old shorts to spend the day cleaning in. I didn’t really see anything suitable but did spot and old pair of maternity jeans that Dannii had passed on to me when I fell pregnant with Matilda (making that the 3rd pregnancy they would be worn for :D). They had a rip across the knee from general wear… Perfect!

I attacked them with the scissors and a few quick snips later ended up with very comfortable shorts. Matilda wanted to be in on the fun so 5 minutes at the sewing machine and this cute skirt is the end result from just one of the leg off cuts. She loves it and it looks super cute on her too!

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I’ve been sewing…LOTS

And loving it! Not everything I can show just yet as I’ve been sewing a lot for pressies but here is a new dress I made Matilda recently…


Isn’t she such a Princess-


Speaking of Princesses, on Monday Shannon had the day off work (Melbourne Cup Day long weekend) so we decided to go for a drive and ended up at the beach at Dromana. We saw a couple having wedding photos taken on the pier there. Matilda says’ Mummy, her Daddy much be a King because she’s a Princess!’ I had to share with the bride. I think it just may have turned her tired wedding day photo smiles into genuine smiles again… what a doll.

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Talent astounds me.

I’ve been having fun creating some new designs and playing around with the countless ideas that I keep coming up with or seeing at different places that inspire me to want to create something similar when I saw a design similar to this…

So I spoke to my awesome brother-in-law about leather and a few days later this leather arrived in the post. He made it himself!!! How clever is he!!! Malcolm, your talent amazes me. I am always in awe of people who can master the skills of days gone by. Dying skills like tanning hides. He made a few awesome belts out of this hide including one for Shannon for Christmas last year which he wears ALL the time!

So I had a play and made up this cuff style leather bracelet. It has a sterling silver plate waiting to be handstamped which is attached with leather thong.

I love playing around with new designs 😀


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I live a creative life!

This isn’t really a lesson that I have learnt in just one day but one that I have discovered over time.

I have to live a creative life!

I have to creative almost every day in some form or another. I have to do something, even if it’s just little. It’s like a fix. It makes my day better, makes me feel better and more relaxed and happier.

Some days it’s just a little bit of working stamping in the evenings-
(This one I made last night).

Or a little bit of scrapping with a mate –
(last week with Bron and Megs)

But today it was this…

I saw them on an etsy shop called Pom Love which I found through the etsy blog ages ago and wanted to make them for a birthday party or even just for the girls room. So yesterday I remembered about them again and dug out the tissue paper. How beautiful would these be in lots of pretty girly colours hanging in trees for an afternoon tea party? or hanging in the girls room for pretty girly decorations?

It’s fun to live a creative life and to see what new things you can create and make each new day 🙂


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Bonsscraps Design Team call

There’s a gorgeous little scrapbooking shop I like to visit with a lovely friendly forum – Bonsscraps. Bon (the owner) is having a Design Team call strating on Monday. Here are the details-

‘Bon’s Scraps DT Comp will commence on Monday 24th August!

If you are interested in applying make sure your name is in the DT registration thread here:

First and foremost forum interaction is a big part of being on the DT…

Whilst the competiton is running please try to interact on the forum the amount that you would usually…

There will be 2 spots up for grabs each with a 2 month trial leading to a 12 month contract.

The comp will run for 4 rounds.

If you make the design team you will recieve an exclusive monthly kit and also a store discount, in exchange you will create an average of 3 set pages a month.

Full Design Team expectations will be posted shortly.’

So head on over and check it out. I’m going to try out… even if it is just for fun 😉

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Scrap layout share

Here are a few recent layouts that I’ve done –

 Almost 2 lo

Baby Bumps lo

Journey preg lo

Kiss lo

She's all that lo

Story Teller

Waiting lo

I’m really enjoying scrapping at the mo 😉

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