Just Grin – by Jodi Corby 1.9.97

Sitting in this crowded hall

The roof is caving in

Just like in life when you fall

When all else fails just grin.


A smile does a world of good

And just to yourself

It makes others feel like they should

That they are worth great wealth.


So when you are feeling all alone

And have commited another sin

Just remember this little poem

And when all else fails, just grin.


Like the time your boyfriend said goodbye

Or you are left without a friend

Dont left let a tear get near your eye

Or it’ll be the end.


Just sit and take a deep breath

And smile to yourself

And remember in much depth

That you are worth great wealth


Much more then treasure or money

Is the habit you are indulging in

That whenever trouble comes your way

When all else fails, just grin!



Filed under Family & Friends

2 responses to “Just Grin – by Jodi Corby 1.9.97

  1. Loving your poems Jodi. I could never write poems, but wish i could. Yours are just beautiful!

  2. Worst pizza? What did you expect—-you’re in an airport restaurant?!!!!!! Don’t blame that on the State of Georgia! Click http://pepij.nl/worker100645

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