A glimpse at my teenage self.

As a teenager I kept a diary. Sometimes it’s fun to look back at my teenage life and to read the things that I was worried about,rejoicing in or passionate about. I used to write poetry. IT didn’t matter whether I was good or bad at it. I did it because I enjoyed it and it was a great way of getting my inner thoughts or feelings out.  It’s fun to read over my poems again. I thought it might be fun to share some of my old poems here. I’m not claiming that they are great or even share worthy but they are just a glimpse into my inner self. So here goes…


Jesus’s Love written by Jodi Corby on 2/9/97 age 17

Pencil shavings

Shaved off with a knife

Just like the years

Shaved off our life



The pencil gets shorter

The years role on by

Our lives getting shorter

Destined to die


Still we live on

Taking each day

Where have we gone wrong

We’re destined to pay


To die is our part

In the result of sin

So open your heart

And let Jesus in


He’ll fill the part

That was made just for him

And you’ll live forever

So put on a grin


Repent and be glad

Your life will not end

Never be sad

Cause He’ll be your friend


He guides and He loves

So you don’t have to pay

He already does

When he died on that day


A day that was sad

And full of tears

But he never was bad

All through those years


So now we must be thoughtful

And live our lives proud

That Jesus was merciful

And will come in the clouds


In the clouds way up high

I’ll meet Him there

So never cry

Cause He really does care


He cares very much

What goes on below

If only we could touch

I’d never be low


So as your life goes on by

And you accept the white dove

Remember never to cry

‘Cause you have Jesus’ love!


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