Two weeks ago I was involved in a little accident. I was driving through a green light at an intersection when a car turned into my car. I had the girls in the car with me, we are all ok but the car was towed away.

We have been two weeks without a car now and they are saying it will be another three weeks for repairs to be completed. Having no car is a pain but also a blessing.

It is a pain when you need to go grocery shopping, but thankfully I am blessed with amazing friends like Dannii who come and pick me up and take me shopping to all the good cheap shops 😉
It’s a pain when your baby has a birthday and you can’t get to the shops without her to but her a present, but thankfully I have an intelligent and giving husband who suggested I take a Taxi. I’d never been in a Taxi before. Can you believe it, 31 years old and never caught a Taxi 🙂 It was great to be able to go to Kmart (Thank God for 24hr Kmart) and shop for a while on my own. It did cost me almost $25 just to go up the road and back but it was worth it. I felt so much better after choosing her a little something for her special day.
Having no car is a pain when you need to go anywhere further then you can walk or in a direction that the train doesn’t go. Thankfully I have a push bike and a bike trailer the girls can ride in so we could use that when we really needed too.

It’s a blessing to have no car when you really think about it. We were able to spend more time at home. More time together baking in the kitchen (I so love baking). More time exercising to go places. I have been hard saying that I find exercise difficult because it has no purpose for me (besides exercising). When I was younger, I exercised a lot, just in normal daily tasks… walking to the bus stop, walking around the cows, walking down to see Dad working down the paddock, visiting my cousins etc. Now exercise is usually only done because I need to exercise so it was a blessing to exercise for a purpose again 🙂 I haven’t felt the pressure to be places when I really needed to be at home.

On Thursday we picked up a hire car. We would have picked one up sooner but our Insurance company told us we could hire one for $15 a day for up to 10 days. We couldn’t really afford to hire one for longer then that and were planning a family holiday. We didn’t want to hire one too soon and be left with no car when the holiday time came up. After hearing from the repair place about the time frame for repairs, we rang our Insurance company back to speak about the hire car again. Two weeks with no car was manageable, but 5 weeks was asking a little too much. It turns out (that they forgot to mention … so glad I spoke to a different person this time) that the Insurance company of the other car involved has to pay for our hire car anyhow! Why didn’t they say that in the first place when we asked!?!

(Other Car involved… they came out a little worse then us).

Anyhow, frustrating as it is… we now have a hire car so are mobile again 😀

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  1. Oh wow, I hadn’t seen the pic of the other car before. It looks bad!

    Bugger about a another 3 weeks, but great news about the hire car!

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