Do you mind?

Could she be really getting to that age already? She asks to sit on there but she doesn’t do anything. It’s all about exposure just now and getting her used to the potty and not afraid of it. No rush. summer is coming and everything will happen all in good time 🙂 I just wanted to share how cute the little poppet is 😀


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3 responses to “Do you mind?

  1. Oh that is cute!!! Eli has started telling me when he is doing wee wees, or when there is wees or poos in his nappy, but when it comes to sitting on the potty, he will only sit on there with a nappy on! I think we have a long toilet training road ahead of us!

  2. Katherine

    Yes Levi was sooo happy sitting on the toilet one night and terrified the next. Time will tell but I sure ain’t joining any competitions (based on Ethan’s loooooong journey)! haha cute little Zoe!!

  3. LOL, we just do it all in a rush here. I pick when then I load them up with juice which they are happy to drink lots of, as they’ve only had water till then – and within 3 days they’re safe to go out. I couldn’t bare taking longer. I’ve had to do it differently for work and it’s just painful beyond belief… and my nephews… yep, I must be the most impatient person in the world!

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