Today we are spending the afternoon with Nan.

She will be 80 next month. Man I love that woman. She’s always so much fun. She has a great sense of humour. Always making jokes. She has always been so accepting too. Always helpful when she can be. It’s been really difficult to see her health decline over the last 12 months or so. The girls and I will spend the afternoon hanging out at Nan’s for two reasons. Firstly, we love hanging out with her. Secondly, this will give Uncle David a break, an afternoon to get out.

I guess I should pack a few things for the kids to do while we are there.

Tilly is suggesting we-

* Bake for Nan
* Play with play dough
* Watch cartoons
* Play with the toys at Nans
* Take a backpack with toys to play with

Looks like our afternoon is going to be full of fun and games 😀


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  1. Such a gorgeous picture Jodi. I’m sorry your Nan’s health isn’t good. Enjoy spending as much time with her as you can. That is better than anything!


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