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Why oh why?

Do I spend my free time evenings sitting at the computer dreaming of what I could be making instead of sitting at the sewing machine sewing what I dreamed of making yesterday??!!



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Today we are spending the afternoon with Nan.

She will be 80 next month. Man I love that woman. She’s always so much fun. She has a great sense of humour. Always making jokes. She has always been so accepting too. Always helpful when she can be. It’s been really difficult to see her health decline over the last 12 months or so. The girls and I will spend the afternoon hanging out at Nan’s for two reasons. Firstly, we love hanging out with her. Secondly, this will give Uncle David a break, an afternoon to get out.

I guess I should pack a few things for the kids to do while we are there.

Tilly is suggesting we-

* Bake for Nan
* Play with play dough
* Watch cartoons
* Play with the toys at Nans
* Take a backpack with toys to play with

Looks like our afternoon is going to be full of fun and games 😀

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Seems it’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog post here. I figured pretty much anyone who reads this blog is also on Facebook except my Mother In Law (and she joined last week ;D) so it seemed a little pointless to have it to share pics etc. After a bit of thinking though, I have decided that I still do want to blog. Just when I feel like it. That being the case, blog posts may still be few and far between or you may be swamped, who knows. I’m not even sure if anyone will see this post. If you do, please leave me a little comment so I know you are out there 😀 If none is reading it, thats good too. I want this blog to be more for me. Not caring who will read it, or what I am posting for who but just writing what I want to write and sharing pics of what I want to share pics of. My own online journal I guess.

Japanese paper lanterns painted with Cherry blossoms.

I’ve been teaching again this week. I have an ongoing casual position teaching grade 3 art and I really enjoy it. I was a little worried to begin with as I have a class of 24, 16 of them being boys. Yep that tells you why their regular teacher wanted someone else to teach art. Think messy, noisy, active boys. However, I love it! I am always so proud of what they produce for me. They are always surprising me with their talents and with their kindness. I love that class already. Isn’t it funny how kids have that effect on us?! They drive us crazy but make us love them all at the same time.

I guess my own kids are a bit like that too. Tilly has this way about her now. She will drive you barny with her actions and then turn around and say ‘I’m so sorry Mum, do you forgive me?’ It’s so sweet and cute and melts my heart straight away.

Maybe God built kids this way, to keep us on our toes 🙂


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