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Toddler Fashion

I wrote this post as a guest blog post for my mate Kym a couple of months ago but due to computer issues, she was never actually able to publish it…so, instead of let all my hard blogging work go to waste ;), I thought I may as well post it on my own blog 😀 –

Hi my name is Jodi and I am wife to Shannon and mother to two adorable girls (Matilda – 3 & Zoe – 1). I’m not sure that I’m much of an expert on fashion. I grew up in the country and fashion is never a priority where I’m from.

Most of the time I’m a fashion disaster! lol.

Then God blessed me with two girls. Hmm… and the fun begins…


A chance to make up for a childhood spent in jeans and a flannelette shirt (which I can still be caught in on the odd occasion ;D ).

Welcome to a world of twirly dresses and skirts (which my daughter insists on wearing most days of the week)

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and a whole new world of fashion disasters while the learning process takes place.


There are a few key things that my 3 year old has learnt early on and a LOT that she is still yet to learn.


1). A girl has a right to change her mind right?

Haha, well my 3 year old has that down to a tee. We have had days when she has changed her outfit 6 times! Off she’d run to her bedroom only to emerge 5 minutes later with some other ‘twirlier’ skirt or something in ‘my favourite colour blue’. To walk into her room on one of these days is to walk into the after affects of a bomb blast. Clothes strawn everywhere & drawers hanging open. Mum is NOT impressed with the extra work that results from these days. However I guess children have to learn and we all know that they learn best from experiencing it for themselves.


2). Shoes make an outfit.
Matilda can NEVER get this part right. Gumboots with dresses, sandals with socks, open toed high heels with tights. Hmmm… a LOT still to be learnt in this area (and 3 year olds are persistent and can’t be convinced to change their mind no matter how hard we try…oh and some battles just aren’t worth fighting too ;D).

(Hmm…skirts & boots…looks like she’s a farm girl like me ;D.)
Matilda wears dress- hand made by Clair Bremner, Grey striped long sleeved top – handed down from friends, tights – handed down from friends, Boots – handed down from friends, hat – handed down from friends.

(not bad…until we get to the shoes lol).
Matilda wears ‘Scooter baby’ top & shorts – handed down from friends, Hat- mine 😉 , pink sandals (thanks sis).

(gorgeous skirt, cute singlet & … crocs).
Matilda wears Petiskirt – hand made by me ;), winged singlet- cotton on kids, crocs- handed down from friends.

Mostly she just wants to spend most of her days like this-

Matilda wears – not much! 😀

Happy, footloose & fancy free… naked as a jaybird. Matilda is always the first child to remove her shoes at Playgroup and is often caught naked at home uttering the words ‘I don’t like my clothes Mummy’.

Having girls is a whirlpool of fun. I haven’t even touched on the endless supply of hair clips, pretty glittery nail polish, adventures in Mums makeup bag discovering mascara, lipstick and all things pretty.


Life sure is fun with girls around 😀


Jodi Batten writes from her home in Melbourne where she loves to sew for her family & home, scrapbook their memories and stamp boutique style necklaces for her business Tildys.


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