Have you ever wondered?

What people will say about you when you aren’t around? What people will say about you when you are no longer alive? What you will be remembered for?

I know it seems a funny thing to think about but as I was watching Carols in the Domain tonight in my peacefully quiet lounge room with both girls asleep in bed and hubby at Macca’s studying for his interview on Monday, I started to think about Christmas and all the things I love about it. It made me think about how important spending Christmas with my family is and how much I respect and love my mother.

I couldn’t think of anything not to like about her. I couldn’t think of single person who didn’t like her. I couldn’t think of a single bad word I had ever heard spoken about her. It made me want to be like her. To be respected like her, loved like her, cherished like her and admired like her.

* She is never too busy to help someone.
* Never has too little food to feed an extra person.
* Hardly ever turns away a child who wants to spend the night.
* Always has home baked goods in the house and time for a cuppa to share them with you over.
* She has a quiet endearing sense of humour that is totally loveable.
* She is forgiving, compassionate and kind.
* She has an attitude of servanthood.
* She is submissive and respectful.
* She is helpful & hard working.
* She is playful.
* She is creative.
* She is an excellent cook.
* She is a Godly woman.
* She is beautiful.

I know I have friends and that there are people that like me, but I also know that there would have been times when even my closest friends have seen things and noted things in me that aren’t admirable. When people have said unkind words about me. Wouldn’t it be nice to live a life when people can stop and think about you and not fault anything you’ve done or do. When people can see past your faults (because even though I can’t see any in my Mother… she is human so there are bound to be some… somewhere) and be so blinded by the goodness in you that they can’t see your sinfulness but can only see your Christlike goodness. I long to be like that.



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2 responses to “Have you ever wondered?

  1. Love this post Jodi. Gorgeous.

    And, just on the side, I’ve just nominated you for a stylish award. Girl With Many Creative Abilities. Pop over to graciously accept it here: http://kympiez.blogspot.com/2010/12/stylish-who-me-nah.html

    See you stylish lady!

  2. Just following Kymmie around I think…and can’t resist a comment. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned your mum’s Godliness. When we give our lives to Jesus, it is He that enhances the unique person we each are…emphasising our talents and good character traits…we find favour with God and man. Your mum has obviously been a Godly woman for a long time with that list of great qualities and a lovely example for you. I am sure as you follow the same path with the Lord you will be more and more like Him too!

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