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Adventures Investiture

Today Matilda had her very first Investiture for Adventurers. She is in the youngest group of pre-adventures called ‘Playful Puppies’. Isn’t she cute in her scarf & toggle ;D



November 27, 2010 · 9:00 pm

Upcycling makes me happy!

This morning I looked into my cupboard looking for some old shorts to spend the day cleaning in. I didn’t really see anything suitable but did spot and old pair of maternity jeans that Dannii had passed on to me when I fell pregnant with Matilda (making that the 3rd pregnancy they would be worn for :D). They had a rip across the knee from general wear… Perfect!

I attacked them with the scissors and a few quick snips later ended up with very comfortable shorts. Matilda wanted to be in on the fun so 5 minutes at the sewing machine and this cute skirt is the end result from just one of the leg off cuts. She loves it and it looks super cute on her too!

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New header

I decided it was time for a new header. One that included Zoe too. So I used a template from Shabby blogs and made up this one…

and then I realised that it wont fit 😦 It’s the wrong shape 😦

Oh well… now I know you can’t use blogger header templates for wordpress. Back to the drawing board.

It is gorgeous though…Don’t you think?


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Cute kids.

I certainly have those 😀

Here are a couple of pics Dannii from Kipindi Photography took recently. We decided to give cleaning group a miss a couple of weeks ago and decided to hang out and take some new pics of the kids instead.



Arn’t they beautiful!?!


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I’ve been sewing…LOTS

And loving it! Not everything I can show just yet as I’ve been sewing a lot for pressies but here is a new dress I made Matilda recently…


Isn’t she such a Princess-


Speaking of Princesses, on Monday Shannon had the day off work (Melbourne Cup Day long weekend) so we decided to go for a drive and ended up at the beach at Dromana. We saw a couple having wedding photos taken on the pier there. Matilda says’ Mummy, her Daddy much be a King because she’s a Princess!’ I had to share with the bride. I think it just may have turned her tired wedding day photo smiles into genuine smiles again… what a doll.

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