Plan B – Let kids be kids :)

Today my gorgeous niece Sami made a public commitment and was baptized. I am so proud of her.

It was a lovely day. She chose to be brave (or crazy perhaps) and was baptized at the mouth of the river at Tathra. The water was freezing but there were enough warm smiles and hugs around to quickly warm anybody.

Matilda loves water and wants to be in it at any opportunity she can get. I tried keeping her out if it for a while, trying to keep her dry and warm. After a while I begin to think about how quickly we turn from free little carefree children into ‘boring’ conservative adults. I changed my mind and decided to let her be free and enjoy her self. She quickly striped off and had a little swim. She loved it. Her words were ‘the water is a bit warm to me Mum’. I thought, yep, a bit warm but a LOT cold but hey, she’s having a great time and it won’t be long and she’ll be too big to strip off naked for a quick skinny dip so I’ll let her enjoy it while she can ๐Ÿ™‚


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2 responses to “Plan B – Let kids be kids :)

  1. Oh this is just lovely! Good on you for being a relaxed mum, and just letting her swim. I think children have a different barometer to us! Or perhaps ours just changes as we get older?

  2. vicki

    that is a really nice pic of sami too ๐Ÿ™‚ and cheeky bum tilly ha ha

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