Julys Challenge- Plan B

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Plan B – Go local.

Today begins the start of July and the beginning of a new challenge. I realize I havn’t finished all of June. I have lots of photos to share and hope to put them up at some stage however, I don’t want to not begin July now and risk falling further and further behind.

So July- a new challenge. The theme for Julys challenge is ‘Plan B’. What did I do differently today that altered my original plan? What was the outcome of this change?

Today I asked Shannon how he would like to spend our day. He suggested a drive to Bega, a day of shopping and browsing around town. I thought about this suggestion but decided to alter our days plans a little and decided to spend the day at home with my Mum instead. I do enjoy shopping but live spending days with my Mum and couldn’t bare the thought of wasting a day in meaningless shops when I could be cherishing time with my Mother. So Shannon spent some time working at His parents house and chopped them some wood and I hung out with Mum. We baked, we made cumquat marmalade, we cleaned and prepared food (I even did a bit of work stamping). It was a great day and I was so glad I had chosen to spend my day this way when Mum remarked how much she enjoyed having me around 🙂


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2 responses to “Julys Challenge- Plan B

  1. So good spending time with parents. Enjoy every moment. That was a great Plan B!

  2. vicki

    plan B always seems to go better than plan A ha ha and it is great spending time with such a great mum 🙂

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