June 17- Ask and you shall receive.

With my afternoon tea party fast approaching (and my 30’s even quicker! Eeeek!) I realised that I had nothing appropriate to wear. The birthday girl must wear something nice yes? So I popped a little message on face book asking if anyone would be willing to gift me with a couple of hours of kid free time to find myself a little something. My mate Dannii came to my rescue. Thanks babe. After a little bit of searching I found the perfect party dress for an afternoon tea party. It’s pink, it’s pretty and it makes me feel like a girl. Perfect! It actually makes me look like I have boobs and a waist 😉 you’ll get to see the rest after Sunday 😀


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One response to “June 17- Ask and you shall receive.

  1. vicki

    beautiful can’t wait wish i was gonna be there, and isn’t it great to have good freind. thanks Dannii for looking after my sister

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