June 12 – I’m a sensible girl.

Todays lesson came to me when I least expected it.

We spent the evening celebrating Amy’s 30th birthday.

We danced-

We ate-

We laughed-

We had an overall good time.

But I did learn that I am a sensible girl. I looked around the room at all the high heels, the short skirts, the pretty hair, the makeup and I felt a bit dull to be honest. I wore jeans and a black top. Sensible clothing. Practical clothing. It was cold. I wore pants. I wore covered shoes with socks. Not high heels and stockings. I wore my hair up in a ponytail, out of the way of tiny fingers. I wore no earrings for little hands to grab or pretty chunky necklaces to be pulled on. I looked like a Mum. I had the kids there. I left before 10pm. Just when they turned the music up, turned the smoke machine on, we left. Time to take the kids home to bed. I have learnt that my life is different to the whole party scene. I don’t belong there right now (not sure I ever really did). I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about that. I just know that it’s a different place to where I am in my life right now. Maybe I’ll visit there some other time.



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3 responses to “June 12 – I’m a sensible girl.

  1. The photo story is gorgeous! (And I love the eating one.) I agree. I’m in a different place than I used to be, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I don’t feel like I miss out on anything with kids. Good on you Jodi.

  2. vicki

    and i love you so much just for being that beautiful sensible lady that you are. xxx

  3. SamJ

    I am with you there Jodi, life changes a little when you add little ones…. 😀 not for the worse though (IMO) …. You are sensible and responsible, but take that as a huge compliment!! I am happy to say I haven’t suffered a hangover for many many years. LOL 😀

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