Talent astounds me.

I’ve been having fun creating some new designs and playing around with the countless ideas that I keep coming up with or seeing at different places that inspire me to want to create something similar when I saw a design similar to this…

So I spoke to my awesome brother-in-law about leather and a few days later this leather arrived in the post. He made it himself!!! How clever is he!!! Malcolm, your talent amazes me. I am always in awe of people who can master the skills of days gone by. Dying skills like tanning hides. He made a few awesome belts out of this hide including one for Shannon for Christmas last year which he wears ALL the time!

So I had a play and made up this cuff style leather bracelet. It has a sterling silver plate waiting to be handstamped which is attached with leather thong.

I love playing around with new designs đŸ˜€


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3 responses to “Talent astounds me.

  1. Wowee! That’s pretty cool that Mal made it himself! And congrats to you for all the new ideas you keep coming up with. It’s great that Tildy’s has so much variety to offer now.

  2. looks like you have a VERY talented family Jodi!!!

  3. YOUR talent astounds me! And I can’t believe in such a short time that you’ve come up with so much for your business… clever girl.

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