Sometimes it’s worth the mess…

Sometimes I stop myself or the kids from doing things because of the mess factor. I’m not a hater of dirt and kids getting dirty or paint and kids getting messy but I do live in a rental and am sometimes too lazy to bother with fun activities that cause mess and require lots of effort or clean up. But this Sabbath was different. It was wet, cold and we were getting a bit bored… a good enough reason to crack out the fun stuff 😀

So out came the paint and a couple of old egg cartons and while Daddy went out collecting for the Red shield Appeal and Zoe slept, Tilly & I painted.

And check out the delight on her face!… definitely worth the mess…just for this 😀


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2 responses to “Sometimes it’s worth the mess…

  1. Oh she looks soooo thrilled! I too need to let my kids get messy more.

  2. It’s good to get messy every now and then. But I own a house, and we still haven’t braved paint. Just yet… Tilly’s face is worth it totally!

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