Cherish the moments… they go way too quickly.

I can’t believe my baby is growing so quickly. Even though there are sleepless nights, constant attention needed and ultimate dependance… all of which can force you into a dazed existence at times, there are special times too…

Zoe is pulling herself up to stand already and Mummy’s not ready for her to grow up so quickly.

So todays lesson for me is to cherish these moments. Try to look through the daze and remember what they were like. Remember the moments, the quiet peaceful night feeds, the messy meal times and the clingy attachment to my legs as I try to move about the room completing my day to day tasks. I want to remember my children like this, remember the times when they depended on me because I know all too soon I will wake up and they wont need me like this anymore.



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3 responses to “Cherish the moments… they go way too quickly.

  1. Thanks for sharing Jodi. It does go all too fast hey? I say this as I take a break from making my son’s first birthday invitations – eeeek!

    I had planned to do a post on this topic today too, as Eli decided to start pushing furniture around today and it totally freaked me out how big he is getting now. But alas I couldn’t get a good enough pic at the time, so I chose a different topic.

  2. Oh Jodi, it’s so true! I wish this last year hadn’t gone so quick and wasn’t such a blur for me too. And even though we want to cherish every moment, we still have to make dinner! Thanks for sharing. Lovely!

  3. i hear ya all to well sis soon that is all gone and they are teenagers and want there own independance and your just there to feed and pay for them. To embarrasing to be seen with 😦

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