I thought it was about time I sat down at my computer to do something other then to check emails or facebook. I felt like blogging. Inspired by reading Kym’s blog everyday, I just felt like dropping a little note here to say I’m thankful.

I have many things right now to be thankful for.

*The girls are happy, well and growing.

-Zoe is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on furniture. She now has 3 teeth with a fourth about to pop through any day. She has a cheeky grin which causes her to scrunch her eyes almost shut and show those cute little teeth. She’s adorable. Still such an easy baby, she eats whatever we feed her and sleeps when we put her to bed (mostly).

-Matilda has discovered her imagination. She likes to pretend to share cups of tea, play with balloons and (for some crazy reason) call out to us in the middle of the night to inform us of the ‘spiders’ or ‘hippos’ in her bed. She has a soft gentle side and loves cuddles and to tell me many times throughout the day ‘Mum, Mum, I love you too Mum’. She can ride her trike and loves to run.

* I am happy, well and my little business is growing.

I have been so blessed with my new little business Tildys. Who would have thought, when I started with a little single necklace on Facebook at the end of February that here, just 3 months later I would have made over 50 necklaces, been featured in a fashion magazine and have my jewellery about to go into an awesome little boutique ‘I hate my skirt’.. I had no idea it would take off this well, it would be this popular and that God would bless me so abundantly…but I am thankful.

*I have a supportive husband.

He would probably say that I don’t think he’s that supportive and there are times when I feel like that but the truth is that he IS a very supportive husband. He supports our family financially and physically. He helps me put the kids to bed when things are hectic or I just want a bit of chill time. He ducks out to Bunnings to source new tools that he thinks I might like or need (yeah I know… all guys like an excuse to visit Bunnings but still ā¤ ). He puts the electric blanket on for me before I go to bed and helps me overnight when nights get overwhelming with sooky kids who refuse to sleep. I love him and he's a blessing to my life and I am thankful for him.

There are so many things to be thankful for. God has blessed me with a good life and I just wanted to share before I headed off to bed.




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3 responses to “Thankful

  1. Oh, how lovely! You are indeed blessed and have such a wonderful family. Your business is a little miracle, getting bigger and bigger. Who knew that from little things, big things grow.

    Wow, that was like 4 blogs’ worth of thankfulness.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Isn’t it wonderful to have so much wonderful things to share.

    You are indeed very blessed Jodi. xx

  2. And i am thankful to have such a wonderful sister and family whom i miss so very much xxx love you

  3. Sam

    You are an inspiration Jodi. I love that you see the positive things and that is something to live by. Cherish the positives and become strong to *deal* with the negatives.

    I love my necklace so much and I am spreading the word as much as I can. I am thinking a bracelet is going to be next on the list šŸ˜€


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