Today –

Tilly looks adorable wearing the new hair clips I made her yesterday at the little church craft getaway I went on.






I went to Jumbanna Lodge in the Yarra Valley for a little church craft ladies getaway. It was just overnight on Saturday night and I took Zoe with me. She was such a good girl (as always) and everyone spoilt her rotten. We had fun scrapping the cover of a little note book to make a prayer journal


and enjoyed the evening pursuing our own craft interests (I worked on a knitted baby cocoon on my round loom).


Sunday was workshop day and I had a great time making beautiful ribbon flowers in the morning and then I taught a little workshop in the afternoon where we turned a teacup into a cute little pin cushion.


After I completed teaching the workshop I spent the rest of the afternoon making these cute little hair clips for Tilly. Arn’t they adorable! I think i’ll be making a few more for my gift box 🙂




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2 responses to “Today –

  1. vicki

    her hair is getting so long and she does look so cute ha ha.
    i wish i had if come with you i can’t wait till our ladies retreat at end of may.
    and you have changed lounge room around 🙂

  2. Such cute little clips…

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