Whats been happening?

Hmm… lots but not much lol…

Zoe started solids about a week and a half ago


Tilly loves tea parties at the moment. Everyday I hear, ‘want a cup o tea mum?’ –


Shannon and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with a picnic tea and movie at the moonlight cinema at the Botanical Gardens. We saw “This is it”. Of course Zoe came along πŸ™‚



But she was a good girl and went to sleep fairly easily on the lawn and slept through the whole movie –


Zoe moved into a cot last Thursday night 4th Feb –


I had been a bit worried as to where to set the cot up and what to do but we eventually decided that we would set it up in Tillys room. So the girls now share a room and so far it has worked beautifully. They are both sleeping well and don’t wake each other. The only downside we have experienced is that Tilly now can’t play in her room through the day (as Zoe has her day sleeps in there) and it’s been difficult to get Matilda to quietly go in there and sleep for her day sleep. As a consequence, she has pretty much cut her day sleep out now.

Matilda has also ditched the dummy (or should I say we ditched it for her πŸ˜‰ ) We have been talking to her about getting rid of it for a while and last Tuesday the 2nd Feb she had her 1st night without it. It actually hasn’t been that bad. She seems to be coping quite fine without it. She has asked for it at the odd occasion but we just remind her that she’s a big girl now and doesn’t need it πŸ™‚

Zoe is now 5 months old and is still a dream baby.


She sleeps easily (like she’ll even just fall asleep on the carpet where she’s playing if we are out). She is enjoying her food and loves rockmelon at the moment (this heat calls for something sweet and juicy).



She still sleep beautifully at night, some nights she is waking at 4am for a quick feed, other nights she sleeps through til 7:30am. She rolls over and reaches her hands up to you when she wants you to pick her up. She is very strong and spends ALOT of time on her tummy. If all babies could be like her, you’d have about 50 I’m sure!

Matilda has been great but is going through a bit of a testing patch again at the moment.


She is playful and funny but also wilfully defiant at times. It can be quite trying. She is getting better with some things and is always very helpful with Zoe. She loves her little sister πŸ™‚


She loves singing and ‘swimming’ (she can now blow bubbles, put her head under the water and started doggy paddling over the holidays).


She loves to carry apples around now and nibble on them for ages.


She only wears nappies to bed of a night time now. She no longer has a dummy (as mentioned above).


She is growing so fast!


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3 responses to “Whats been happening?

  1. what a great catch up post – glad to hear the girls are doing well at sharing – my kids share too – and it works great for us [thankfully]

  2. vicki

    and yet they continue to be so beautiful, and i miss all this so much and check here every other day to see what is happening in my little families life as you so far away. And you tell Tilly i am so proud of her for ditching the dummy and no nappy what a big girl. One of these pics of Zoe she has that look Beau gets it is so cute. Her sitting in the chair chewing the side of her mouth ha ha. Tell tilly aunty would love to come have a cuppa with her very soon only aunty doesn’t drink cuppas so she will have to learn to make milo he he much love to allllllllllll. xxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooo

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