Christmas etc :)

I know that I am only up to the 19th of December and should have finished my posts up until Christmas. Basically just so I have a record for when I get a chance to sit down and finish of my December Daily mini album. But in the mean time lots of other things have been happening. So for now it will just stay as a record up until then.

Shannon’s family came down to Melbourne for Christmas this year and time kind of got away from me. Here are some happy snaps to fill in the gap from Christmas til now –

(Oh and Shannon and the girls got me a Panasonic Lumix shock proof/ water proof camera for Christmas which was PERFECT for a holiday on the coast… most of these pics have been taken using it).

Christmas at Nans.

Presents galore-

Tilly Christmas

Nan & all of her grandchildren & great-grandchildren front row-

Batten clan

Nic and Amy hosted Christmas this year and did an AWESOME job. Here is Amy in the kitchen preparing the spread-


Nan & Phoebe-

Nan & Phoebe

Nan & Zoe –

Nan & Zoe

By the end of the night… we were all a bit tuckered out –

tuckered out

Zoe Santa

Between Christmas and New Year, our car broke down and Shannon spent four very hot days under it fixing it. I am very thankful to have a husband who can (or is willing to learn how to) turn his hand to most things and after purchasing himself a manuel for our car, changed the transmission, harmonic balancer and gave it a service while he was there 🙂

After Christmas we spent almost two weeks visiting family on the South Coast NSW. We spent lots of time at the beach. We even managed to squeeze a couple of nights camping in at Wapengo.

jan 2010

jan 2010

jan 2010

jan 2010

jan 2010

We had a lovely time hanging out at Mum & Dads farm –

jan 2010

jan 2010

jan 2010

So now we are back home and getting back into our routine. Shannon returned to work today… back to the daily grind.

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One response to “Christmas etc :)

  1. Yay!!! You did a post!!!

    Great piccies! I especially love the one of Tilly in the petti on the road! Can you email me the large file, I would love to have a go at processing it for you!

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