December 17th

Today I just finished off folding the washing from yesterday while Shannon began our search for a new car. Our current car is dying.

I spent the afternoon at Dannii’s house enjoying some relaxing time and good food with my mates. I have been spending my Thursday afternoons fellowshipping, networking and supporting some dear friends. Today was the last day we met for the year so it was really lovely to relax, not clean but just fellowship and eat yummy food! (Megan please don’t forget to email me that choc peppermint truffle recipe. Far out they were good!).

Shannon and a couple of his mates went out to the movies to see ‘Where the wild things are’ while I stayed at Dannii’s and crafted the night away. I sewed and made scrabble tile pedants. A lovely way to spend the evening. Stayed up way too late though. Didn’t get to sleep til about 3:30am. Doh! Hehe. Was fun though 🙂

Dannii & Bon Dec 17th

Bek Dec 17th


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