December 16th

Washing washing washing!

Today it has been really nice weather and I have washed 6 LOADS of washing! So good to have it all done. Camping always seems to create so much washing. Wet swimmers, dirty clothes, dirty linen and towels etc. Ahhh, good thing it’s all done because tonight was a very special treat as Zoe had the privilege of playing Baby Jesus in the Road to Bethlehem production at Nunawading. Approx 3500 people take the journey each night and it runs from Monday through to Thursday. She played Jesus from 7:30 til 8:30pm. She did so well as it was SO hot. Here are some pics to prove how GORGEOUS she was –

Jesus so cute Dec 16th

Baby Jesus in Manger Dec 16th

RTB  Dec 16th

Baby Jesus Dec 16th

How ADORABLE is she?!!!

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