December 11th

Today the 1st few presents went under the Christmas tree. All wrapped in the lovely paper Matilda made 🙂

Christmas presents

Today we spent the day at home. We walked to the shops, posted Christmas cards and had Zoe’s 3 month check up. She is going great and is now 6.42kg and 61.4cm tall. At this age Matilda was 5.45kg but 62.4 cm tall. It’s interesting how children from the same gene pool can be so different.

This afternoon Joel came to play and Matilda and Joel have learnt how to climb our back fence. Little dags had fun shouting ‘Hello’ over the fence even though there was no one there to listen (although the little boys from the other side fence did eventually come and talk to them over the fence 🙂 ).

Only one more sleep til Vicki is here and Keith Urban… 🙂


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