December 10th

Thursdays are always a busy day here at home. We have music in the mornings and this morning was a special session of Mainly Music as it was the last one for the year. Everyone wore their Christmasy outfits and we even had a visit from Santa. Everyone received a lovely gift. The story of the first Christmas for the kids and a 2010 planner for the adults. So thoughtful. I wanted to get some pics and took my camera but after one photo the camera battery died so that was a bit of a failure.

This afternoon we went out to help a friend pack her house as she is moving away. It was nice to be able to help, even if just for a short time.

Tonight found me finishing off these –

Christmas cards mass

I just need to finish a few address labels and they’ll be in the post. It feels good to have them almost completed.

Only 2 more sleeps til Vicki gets here… can’t wait!!!



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3 responses to “December 10th

  1. vicki

    i know and i can’t wait i’m getting a tad excited 🙂 and nervous

  2. they turned out fantastic!!!

  3. So impressed. I am yet to make any Christmas cards as yet. They’re so pretty! I am so proud of you able to fit that in with your new baby girl! x

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