December 6th

Today we headed out as a family to find and collect a real Christmas tree. We headed off to the Christmas tree farm and found a tree, amongst the hundreds, that looked perfect for our house. After it was cut down with the chainsaw, we tied it to the roof of the car and bought it home.

Here it is at home-

Christmas tree

We didn’t get a chance to get the decorations up as we had to head out to our playgroup breakup Christmas dinner at the lake –

Here is Zoe getting her present-

Zoe present

and Tilly-

Tilly present

Zoe got a little book to attach to the pram and Tilly got a doll sling to carry her dolly around in.


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2 responses to “December 6th

  1. vicki

    tied it on the roof thats funny and to have to pay for 1 i bet that sux, but can,t wait to see it.

  2. sandie

    love the banner on your blog jods.. looks like the girls loved opening the pressies..

    hope all is well.. big hugs to you!!

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