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December 18th

Today we left Tilly with Nan & David and hit the shops to do a bit more Christmas shopping. I love this time of year and love shopping. It’s always so fun to try and find just the right gift for everyone. We got the bulk of it done. Only a couple to do before next week and a bit more to do after Christmas (as we wont see my family till then).

Todays pics are of my adorable baby girl. She has discovered her fingers this week and LOVES to suck them. Some times it’s a thumb, sometimes two fingers. She is SO cute!

Zoe Dec 18th

Zoe thumb sucker dec 18th



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December 17th

Today I just finished off folding the washing from yesterday while Shannon began our search for a new car. Our current car is dying.

I spent the afternoon at Dannii’s house enjoying some relaxing time and good food with my mates. I have been spending my Thursday afternoons fellowshipping, networking and supporting some dear friends. Today was the last day we met for the year so it was really lovely to relax, not clean but just fellowship and eat yummy food! (Megan please don’t forget to email me that choc peppermint truffle recipe. Far out they were good!).

Shannon and a couple of his mates went out to the movies to see ‘Where the wild things are’ while I stayed at Dannii’s and crafted the night away. I sewed and made scrabble tile pedants. A lovely way to spend the evening. Stayed up way too late though. Didn’t get to sleep til about 3:30am. Doh! Hehe. Was fun though 🙂

Dannii & Bon Dec 17th

Bek Dec 17th

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December 16th

Washing washing washing!

Today it has been really nice weather and I have washed 6 LOADS of washing! So good to have it all done. Camping always seems to create so much washing. Wet swimmers, dirty clothes, dirty linen and towels etc. Ahhh, good thing it’s all done because tonight was a very special treat as Zoe had the privilege of playing Baby Jesus in the Road to Bethlehem production at Nunawading. Approx 3500 people take the journey each night and it runs from Monday through to Thursday. She played Jesus from 7:30 til 8:30pm. She did so well as it was SO hot. Here are some pics to prove how GORGEOUS she was –

Jesus so cute Dec 16th

Baby Jesus in Manger Dec 16th

RTB  Dec 16th

Baby Jesus Dec 16th

How ADORABLE is she?!!!

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December 15th

Unfortunately today was the end of our camping trip.

Shannon Fishing Dec 15th

Here are the kids having a play while we packed up the tents-

Gemma Dec 15th

Tilly Dec 15th

Ashca Dec 15th

Chloe Dec 15th

We packed up our tent and drove home.

We decided to stop along the way at Torquey and have some lunch and a quick swim.

Beach with Daddy Dec 15th

Zoe muscle Dec 15th

Tilly wetsuit Dec 15th

We called in for a quick look at Bells Beach too (famous surf beach)-

Bells Beach

Home now. Lots of unpacking and washing to do. Ahhh the joys.

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December 14th

Today was a lovely sunshiny day. We headed to the beach and had a swim and relaxed. It was bliss. Although a few of us ended up with a bit of this…

Sunburn Dec 14th

The sun always gets to white legs lol.

Almost everyone did a spot of fishing and Tilly caught her first fish!

Matildas fish dec 14th

fishing Dec 14th

and yes it was a catch and release. Too small for dinner 🙂

We enjoyed some ice-cream –

Ice-cream dec 14th

and exchanged gifts with our friends-

Tiily camping christmas Dec 14th

Tilly got a gorgeous crayon roll and note book. Handmade by Dannii.

Camping Christmas Dec 14th shannon

Shannon got an iTunes gift card. I received a divine vintage fabric handbag that Dannii made me and Zoe received a cute jumpsuit and bibs, all personalised by Dannii. So blessed!

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December 13th

Today we dropped Vicki off in the morning at the airport –

airport dec 13th

said our goodbyes –

Vicki & Zoe dec 13th

and watched her fly away 😦

plane dec 13th

Then we had a lovely brunch and catch up with our good friends Joel and Belinda (no pics here… sorry).

After that, we headed down to Lorne for 2 nights of camping, relaxing and socialising with the Best family. It was delightful!

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December 12th

Happy Birthday to my brother Jade and nephew Mason! Love you boys LOTS!!

Today Vicki arrived at the airport and had her first ever flight on an aeroplane! She was very excited. I was awesome to see her. She flew down just for the night to take me to the KEITH URBAN CONCERT! How exciting! It was an awesome show and I would love to get to know some of his music a bit better. Here are a couple of pics from today…

Vicki & I on the train ride in –
Jodi & Vicki dec 12th

The concert… awesome! –
Keith Urban concert 1 Dec 12th

In bed at 2:30am. Got to get up at 5:30 tomorrow…yawn…

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