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My mate Dannii took some gorgeous photos of Zoe recently. There is a sneak up on her blog – or you can see the full gallery by going here, choosing website, clients, and typing in the password (If you would like to see the full gallery, leave me a comment here or email me and I’ll let you know the password).

Here is one of my fav’s –

Thanks so much Dannii, the photos are SO beautiful! Love your work babe!



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Granny & Aunty Phoebe come to visit.

We had a lovely visit from Granny Sarah and Aunty Phoebe this last weekend. It was so lovely to be able to spend some time with them and for the girls to get lots of cuddles. Here are a couple of pics just for Granny and Aunty Phoebe –

Granny & Zoe –


Aunty Phoebe & Tilly –


Thank you so much to both of you for putting in the effort to come and see us. xxx

Oh and by brother Craig and his girlfriend Tamara arrive this evening. Good thing I LOVE visitors. Hehe.

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