How cute are these –

little squishy lips?!!!!



Zoe asleep on the couch. So CUTE!!!!!

Well we are all settling in well at home. It has been SO lovely having Shannon around and I will miss him terribly when he goes back to school after next week. Zoe is now almost 3 weeks old. We had her 2 week check up on Tuesday and she is growing so well. She is such a dream. She feeds about 4-6hourly usually! Matilda fed 3 hrly usually so it’s all a bit new to have a baby that has her feeds so spaced out. (I wont complain though as it means Mummy is getting good sleep 🙂 as she usually only wakes once over night!).

Zoe’s stats at 2weeks, 1 day old-

Weight:4.41kg (4.11 at birth)
length: 54cm (51.5 at birth)
HC: 36.6cm (35cm at birth)

So even though her feeds are spaced out she must be getting what she needs. The MHN said they like babies to be back to their birth weight by the 2 week check up and she was over so that’s great!

Matilda is getting used to having Zoe around a bit more now. I think it was a little hard for her for the 1st week as Shannon and I had both had surgery and couldn’t lift or carry her around and she would often want cuddles when I was feeding Zoe. She seems not as worried now and Shannon and I are both recovering well so that helps. Matilda likes to give Zoe kisses and cuddles now and gives her little pats when she is crying to try to settle her which is really cute.


Here are a few other pics from the last couple of weeks –

Zoe being ‘born’ – (turn away if you don’t like gory pics)


Zoe & Daddy-


Mum, Dad & Zoe-


1st bath-


Cousins- Zoe (5 days), Beau (4mths), Cooper (7mths) & Matilda (2yrs) –


A couple of pics Shannon took here at home of Zoe in her knitted cocoon that I made her –




It was so lovely to have my sisters Vicki, Tammie (and Beau) and Peta (and Cooper) come stay with us to help out when I arrived home from hospital. This is Tammie’s youngest boy Beau and he is ADORABLE!!



We have had lots of lovely visitors, gifts and well wishes. Thank you so much to everyone! We are really looking to having Aunty Phoebe and Granny Sarah visit next weekend. Looking forward to getting some cute piccies with them too.



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4 responses to “How cute are these –

  1. gorgeous gorgeous piccies jodi 🙂
    she is sooooooo cute!!!!!!

  2. Kerry Murray

    Adorable pics and the cocoon is so adorable.Take care Kerry xx

  3. Jodi she is sooo adorable… i love those pics int he cocoon – stunning!!! and how smiley is Beau – what a cutie…. glad yu got to have some special time with your family 🙂

  4. Michelle L

    Beautiful photos, Jodi. Your going to have fun scrapping those. That cocoon is a clever concept.
    Glad to see your caesarian photos.
    I’ll be watching how you scrap them. I haven’t scrapped mine yet and it was nearly 8 years ago.

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