Tilly pics for Granny ;)

Here are a few recent-ish pics of Matilda…especially for Granny… mwah!

Pulling funny faces-

Applying ‘face cream’ (taziki dip lol)-

Just because she’s cute! –



She is saying so many things now. She picks up new things all the time and remembers so much. She is beginning to use her imagination too and loves to jump around like a kangaroo and like a rabbit with little hands in place or paws and ears. So cute! It’s hard to believe that she will be 2 in about 3 weeks. I really need to get organised and get her birthday plans sorted. We have her presents already and we are moving her out of the cot and into a single bed for her birthday as well so thats a bit exciting.
Some of her favourite things right now are- ‘Bananas in Pj’s’, ‘Wiggles’, painting, playing outside, dancing, listening to music and singing songs and reading books (her fav is ‘who sank the boat’). She is getting closer to being able to ride her own bike and enjoys playing on the swings and slide outside and in her new sandpit. We are beginning to run out of clothes for her as she is getting too tall for size one clothes but her waist is too small for size two. So we make sure we buy with adjustable waists and roll up the bottoms for now 🙂 Tilly is growing in leaps and bounds when it comes to toilet training and spends a good part of most days with no pants on (just ‘undies’ that she insists on wearing). She still has a few accidents and I am not pushing the issue as I was planning on waiting till summer and after bub arrived to tackle that stage. I guess Matilda has other plans. We will continue to follow her lead in that department and she how things go.

I have reached 33 weeks in this pregnancy now and am feeling a bit tired again of late. Otherwise all is going well. Here are a couple of pics Israel took at 28 weeks –





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4 responses to “Tilly pics for Granny ;)

  1. Malinda

    such a cute girl! love the updates, and Tilly will love reading this as she gets older:)

  2. Yeah an update!!!!
    Love all the pics! Tilly sure is a cutie! you pages are looking great too!

  3. Lovely bump pics and layouts too. Tilly is just gorgeous. Those expressions! I especially love your two bellies! xx

  4. AJ

    Great belly pictures! I love the one of Tilly’s funny face! She looks like the dinosaur on her shirt! lol

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