The Apron

Just a couple of pics to share of Tilly wearing her new apron that I made for her this week out of a tea towel I bought from Aldis.



Tilly trying to take a photo on my phone of me taking a photo of her lol-


It’s a bit long but it should last her a while so thats ok. I love how it turned out and she loves wearing it and helping me cook. So cute. xx


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3 responses to “The Apron

  1. vicki

    oh so very cute

  2. AJ

    WOW that looks great! What a great idea and easy to make! There are some super cute teatowels with cupcakes and little birds out there at the moment.

  3. OMG that is ADORABLE – i bought the same tea towel and its ruined already! 😦 I lURVE it!!! she’s so cute!!!

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