We’re Pregnant! (again)

I realised the other day that I hadn’t even officially announced on my blog that we are expecting baby No.2. How slack of me. We found out Christmas day and the morning sickness began at 5 weeks 1 day. I have passed the halfway mark now and am 21 weeks tomorrow. Bubby is due at the end of August (estimated 28th) but will probably arrive early september is my guess. All is going well and bubby is growing and moving around just nicely now. I was quite sick early on but that has eased off a lot now and I only have rare and random attacks of sickness now which is much more manageable.

I first felt bubby move at about 14 and a half weeks but hadn’t felt much since then. I am beginning to feel a lot more now though. We had the 20 weeks scan today and found out that my placenta is actually lining the front of my uterus which is why I haven’t felt bubs a great deal. It was difficult to get any good profile pics of the little one as the baby kept rolling around and laying on it’s tummy. Here are a couple that we did get though –

(the thing above bubs nose is the umbilical cord floating there)

Batten bub No.2 Profile2

Batten bub No.2 Profile

Bubby waving hello –

Batten bub No.2 Hand

A little foot-

Batten Bub No.2 Foot

Here is also a photo taken with my big sister Tammie who is due about 3 months ahead of me in May-

(taken 2/4/09)


Shannon celebrated his 28th birthday earlier this month and I bought him a bass guitar and amp. He is teaching himself how to play and is doing a great job. I will try to get some pics later of his new toy for you to see. Anyhow, I need to go get a few more things done while Matilda is sleeping. Toodles xox


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2 responses to “We’re Pregnant! (again)

  1. Miranda

    So exciting! I had placenta at the front with Caleb too. I didn’t feel much till bout 19 weeks and then it was crazy. I was a human punching bag. The placenta didn’t seem to make any difference LOL. Hope all goes well.

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