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Shannon is BALD!

Today at work they had a fundraiser for The world’s Greatest Shave. The kids asked teachers and students to volunteer to shave their heads if they raised ‘x’ amount of money. Shannon said he would shave his hair for $2000 (thinking he would be safe lol). Well they ended up raising over $4500! So off it all came and he came home BALD! They clipped it REALLY short with clippers, so we had to finish the job with a razor when he came home and here is the end result…



I guess it’s all for a good cause lol.



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Introducing Mr & Mrs Adams…

Here is a little ‘entree’ of the photos taken by my darling Hubby at his sister Phoebe’s wedding. She was married on Saturday the 7th of Feb (also now know as Black Saturday due to all of the devastating fires that swept through Victoria). It was such a hot day but the bride still managed to look absolutely gorgeous…

Phoebe wedding


bridal party with limo

Phoebe & Nathan beach

Beach with flowers

Phoebe & Nathan

Don’t they look so happy?!

Oh and here some of my gorgeous girl who was one of 5 flower girls (and who wouldn’t stand still for a decent photo all day!. These photos were taken by someone else as we didn’t end up with any decent shots of her…




You can see how red her little cheeks were. It was such a hot day. Ok, i’ll leave it there for now. xxx


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