Answered prayers and promises.

I know that it’s late and I have already blogged today, but I just had to share. I just received a phone call from Shannon (yes, at 10:50pm) to fill me in on the events of his evening. I knew he would want me to share with you all too.

As you know, Shannon is staying in Warragul tonight and was planning on sleeping in his tent somewhere. Well, he decided to ride around the area for a bit this evening to suss out the area. He spoke to a friendly man who was out walking his dog (while waiting for his son who was at Karate) who told him of a great little shop where he could buy some nice fish and chips for his dinner and some places that he thought would be safe for Shannon to set up his tent for the night. Shannon rode off, bought his dinner and rode around a bit more. As he said Grace, he prayed that God would provide him with a safe and dry place to spend the night. He checked out a few of the spots recommended to him including an outdoor velodrome, a sports field and some bushy areas nearby (even the skate park).
As he was riding around, a car pulled up along side him, it was the man he had spoken to earlier who was walking his dog. He said he was glad he had found Shannon and said he had spoken to his wife and they invited Shannon back to their house for a roast dinner and to spend the night!
Shannon accepted their offer (as he seemed like a very friendly ‘safe’ sort of person) and followed the man’s car back to their house. Shannon said that as he was riding, he looked up at the rain clouds and saw a rainbow appearing and was reminded how awesome God was and that he would remember him. Isn’t that an awesome story!
So after a roast dinner (Shannon’s second dinner for the evening), lots of water, some choccies and an offer and decline of ice-cream, he has gone to sleep in a lovely fresh warm bed. Showered, dry and clean. They even washed and dried his cycling clothes from today and offered to ring friends at the next town Shannon planned to stop at, however Shannon is looking forward to ‘roughing’ it a bit so declined their generous offer. They also oiled all his chains.
Isn’t God amazing! I think this has been the perfect start to his journey and has helped to make it a very memorable trip. What a great way to end day 1.
Please keep praying for him as he has a few days left to go and also pray for his angels in disguise tonight too.

God’s Blessings, Jodi xox



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5 responses to “Answered prayers and promises.

  1. That is amazing Jodi. When I read about the rainbow I felt all teary. What a lovely family and I wish Shannon a safe ride. Gosh he must be super fit. xxx Felicity.

  2. Wow Jodi God is so cool hey. And so are country people!!
    Glad he is going well so far. Will keep him (and you & Tilly) in my prayers over the next week

  3. That is an awesome story! God is so good!

  4. Praise you Lord for providing in such a wonderful way! Wow!!! What a great testimony of His faithfulness and great care ๐Ÿ™‚
    Glory to God and thanks so much for sharing Jodi ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love Lusi x

  5. Thats Awesome!!!
    I know why the guy could find him so easily… He glows with all that safety gear!!! LOL!

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