Myer Christmas Windows and life

I harvested the carrots from my little veggie patch this week. I got a nice sized bundle of rolly polly round carrots…

Carrots from our garden

and this is what I made with them…

Carrot cake

a yummy carrot cake.

Last week, Matilda had gastro most of the week. On Friday we gave her half a charcoal tablet hoping to help rid her stomach of the toxins that were causing her yukky tummy bug. Getting a 1 yr old to swallow a tablet is not that easy so we just gave it to her and she chewed it (couldn’t have been that nice) but we gave her some water and toast to eat afterwards. Here is the effect it had on the toast lol…

Charcoal toast

Oh and by saturday afternoon she was better so that was great.

On thursday night we went into Melbourne to See Oliver play volleyball and to catch up with Josh. Afterwards we headede over to check out the Myer Christmas windows in Bourke Street…

Tilly & daddy

Waving Tilly

At Myer windows

Family pic. Myer windows

Mummy & Tilly Myer windows

The photos arn’t the best but you get the general idea.

Only 3 more sleeps til Shannon leaves on his big 700 km bike ride up to Bega. He has been busy preparing his bike and supplies readying himself for the journey. Will post again before we leave. xxx

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One response to “Myer Christmas Windows and life

  1. vicki

    yum the cake looks very nice i want some, and should have give her the tablet when i told you could have saved you a whole week of poohy nappies ewooh! Can’t wait to see you all love ya v and have fun riding shan will be thinking of you, you after ideas for fund raising should be using your ride for one of them

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