The Count Down to Christmas!

Before we get on to Christmas, here is a quick piccie of Shannon’s final efforts in the Mo department –

Movember ended dec 1

He raised $60.40. It is nice to have a lovely smooth face back to kiss 😉

Ok on to other exciting things…Only 23 more sleeps til Christmas!!! I love Christmas and the whole holiday season is just wonderful. Everyone racing about, all excited about giving to others. I love all the parties, wrapping the pressies and all the joy that goes with the whole kit and Kobudol leading up to Jesus’ birthday. Love it!

This year I have decided to document the journey and the joys of December in a December Daily. I have finished my album (no pics just yet). I thought I might document some of the joys on here as well.

Yesterday was Dec 1 and we began Dec with a little tradition that we have by spending the 1st of December with the Bests. We like to go and enjoy a meal together, the exchanging of gifts and walk up the road to experience the excitement of ‘Santa’ turning on the Christmas lights in the street. Very cool display.

Here are some photos from the evening-

Tilly opening presents

(she got a pink tea set and a bubble blower)

Opening presents

The display-

Christmas Tilly

Christmas lights


Family Christmas photo Dec 1

We received a beautiful calender (another tradition with the Bests – we scrap each other calenders for the new year instead of buying gifts… this way we get to enjoy the gift all year round) which is ready to go up once the old one (also scrapped by Dannii) runs out.

Today we made a trip to the post office, sent off a Secret Santa gift, played at the park, played outside with Bubbles and received our first Christmas card in the mail (amongst all the usual housework stuff).

The next few weeks are going to be busy with break-up celebrations, Christmas parties and getting ready to head home for the holidays. remember to keep checking in to see what else we get up to this December. xxx


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One response to “The Count Down to Christmas!

  1. Bree

    I love your Christmas traditions Jodi…they are so warm and fuzzy!! Tilly looks so cute eating that and all!!
    Your December journal looks great 🙂

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