Movember update & Yr 12 Formal

On Tuesday night Shannon and I headed into the city to attend the LAA Yr 12 formal at the docklands. It was a lovely evening…nice to get out and enjoy some time to ourselves ( a bit rare these days hehe).

Here we are –

Yr 12 Formal Dinner

We came home to a teething unhappy girl who has decided to wake about every 40mins throughout the night since and that 5:45am is now her ‘up time’ for the day…tired mummy here.

Here are a couple of pics for those playing along in Movember (all dressed up for the formal)-

Mo update


Thanks to those who have donated already. There is still time for those who are interested, just leave a comment and we’ll let you know how it can be done.

Not long till Christmas now, I’ve been busy making stuff including Christmas cards which I hope to have finished and posted real soon. I’ve also been busy doing some teaching lately. I don’t particularly want to be working as much as I have been as we decided that to be at home with Tilly was best however I have done a few extra days recently leading up to Christmas (all the extra money helps). The next few weeks will be full of end of year stuff- Christmas parties, break up parties for playgroup, report writing (for Shannon) etc which will keep us busy. I have one more class to teach at Picture 2 Page for the year on December 9th (1pm-3pm) in Lilydale for those who are local.I am doing a calendar class. I’ll post some piccies later. Till next time, xxx

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