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Photo update

It’s been a while since I posted so I will give you a quick update with whats been happening in our lives through photos…

Here are a few new piccies of Tilly -(just for you Vicki xx)


Tilly & her car

I love these ones-

Crazy Cheeky girl

Matilda sept 08

Tilly sept 08

Here is a pic of Tilly hanging out with (or should I say squishing) Joel –

Tilly & Joel

We went camping with the Bests at Noojee a couple of weekends ago and had an awesome time. Here are the girls lapping up the great outdoors-

Girls camping

Here is Tilly sleeping on the couch…too funny…and yes she really did fall asleep like this lol.

Tilly sleeping on couch foot rest

Nan bought Tilly some new shoes…arn’t they adorable! (Shannon took this pic) –

Tillys new shoes

She loves wearing shoes and loves to empty our shoe box everyday to try on various shoes from the box.

Here a a few piccies from last nights dinner…priceless…

Tilly Eating spag Bol

Tilly Eating spag Bol

Tilly Eating spag Bol

Tilly Eating spag Bol

Tilly Eating spag Bol

And yes that was a fork in her hand that she was attempting to use…even though she resorted to using her hands in the end lol.

Well this has been photo overload now. Sorry if you have dial up… you’ll never get them all open lol. You asked for it Vic, I hope this satisfied your need for a Tilly fix for a few more days hehehe. Love you all, J xoxo



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