Tilly update

I thought I’d pop in today and leave a bit of a Tilly update everyone. Oh but before I do, I just wwant to quickly welcome little Olivia Marie to the family. Born last night weighing 8pound 2oz. All is well and we look forward to seeing bubs real soon. A big congrats to Amy & Nick, Nanny Annie sounds SO proud! Tilly will love having a new cousin to play with (oh and I guessed a girl, so feeling good about that lol).

Ok, on to Tilly…

Matilda is growing more and more clever every day. She is still only a small thing (only weighing just under 8 kg at her 12 month check up a month ago) but she is now walking everywhere and gabbering away in her own little language. She can say Mum, Dad, Bub, Nan, soo (for shoe), Ta, sta (star when she does the actions to Twinkle Twinkle). She can wave, do the actions for Twinkle Twinkle and round and round the garden (but she tickles herself lol). She brings us things when she wants things now too which is showing how much she understands. I asked her yesterday to go to her high chair so she could have tea and she walked over to it and grabbed a bib. She has brought us nappies when she has needed a nappy change (without being asked) and she brings us her shoes or her pants to go outside in when she wants to go outside. her hair is getting longer now and can mangage to stay in a ponytail…

Whale spout hair

Whale spout

Here are some other pics I took of her yesterday (sorry she’s such a grub lol we were playing outside)…

Tilly with Ball

Happy Tilly 2

Happy Tilly1

Matilda up close

Tilly walking2

Tilly walking

Tilly up close

and before I go, here is the latest layout I just finished this morning. It is for a class that I am teaching at my local scrap shop Picture2page

Obvious Love LO
Some detail of the brad/pearl/eyelet flourish-

Obvious love LO  flourish detail

Lots of handstitching-

Obvious Love Lo Flower detail



Only 2 more sleeps til I get to see everyone at Camping…Yay!!!! (I can hardly wait).


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2 responses to “Tilly update

  1. she has the most beautiful eyes…

    love the new layout … just gorgeous

  2. Those pics are great Jodi! Matilda is growing up to be such a little cutie!

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