A few more layouts…

Just a few more to share today all containing bits and pieces from the ‘Funky and eclectic mini-kits, with a vintage vibe’ September Qtea kit

This first layout has quite a story attached…I had this layout in the bottom of the pram while walking to go drop off some supplies to someone and a big gust of wind blew it out from under the pram onto the road and it was ran over twice! It survived…fairly well…the ‘Tildy’s Tile’ got a bit smashed and I did lose one small ribbon flower but it’s ok lol. I did it in celebration of 10 yrs since Shannon and I had started going out.

10 yrs on LO

Matilda painted the background on this layout. The journalling is all about how Matilda brought a nappy and the container of wipes to us at least twice on the weekend when she needed a nappy change…so clever! She also brought me her ‘puddle’ pants that she wears when she goes outside (made from water proof material so she doesn’t get her pants wet when crawling around the front yard) when she wanted to go outside too. She is so clever…we were very impressed!

I'm Impressed LO

This is my favourite out of the latest that I have done.

Picking Flowers LO

Still feeling a bit sick with a cold at the moment. We have all been sick but seem to be getting over it but this morning I woke up with a headache and a sore ear so I am off to the Dr tomorrow to get my ear checked out.

I’m so looking forward to camping on the weekend! We are meeting up with my family at Lakes entrance for a weekend catchup camping. Shannon is piking on us now as the Hawks have made it to the Grand Final and he couldn’t possibly tear himself away so Tilly & I will probably venture up there by ourselves. xx

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One response to “A few more layouts…

  1. All your LO’s are gorgeous, Jodi! I would’ve cried if one of mine got runover! It did survive pretty good but eh…

    I’ll definitely be visiting your blog again, love it! And thanks for visiting mine too…I left a message on your other blog!

    Cheers, Sar

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