Happy Fathers Day (and other pics)

A big Happy Fathers Day to our Daddies.


Here are a few pics of Tilly & daddy at Lillydale lake.


Daddy & Tilly


Tilly & daddy


Daddy & Tilly on the tree branch



Tilly in the flower field

Tilly picking flowers


Tilly & Mummy-

Mummy & Tilly2

Mummy & Tilly

Matilda has also learnt how to say ‘boo’ and how to do ’round and round the garden’ on her hand and then she tickles herself! So cute! She is such a climber and can now climb onto the couch and onto the side board and even onto the kitchen table if you leave any bags around on the floor… we have to be so careful now! She loves to get into the kitchen cupboards and pull out all of the contents… not good! Shannon is actually at Bunnings as I write this picking up a gate to stop her from getting into the kitchen. lol. 

Ok, will be back in the next couple of days with some more updates, so be sure to check back in on us 🙂



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2 responses to “Happy Fathers Day (and other pics)

  1. Oh guys those pics are lovely! I assume they are taken using the new lens? I especially like the first ones of Shannon and Tilly, and the ones of Tilly in the long grass! I expect to see them scrapped soon!

  2. vicki murchison

    i love them i now have the first one in the grass as my screen saver love it

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