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Tilly update

I thought I’d pop in today and leave a bit of a Tilly update everyone. Oh but before I do, I just wwant to quickly welcome little Olivia Marie to the family. Born last night weighing 8pound 2oz. All is well and we look forward to seeing bubs real soon. A big congrats to Amy & Nick, Nanny Annie sounds SO proud! Tilly will love having a new cousin to play with (oh and I guessed a girl, so feeling good about that lol).

Ok, on to Tilly…

Matilda is growing more and more clever every day. She is still only a small thing (only weighing just under 8 kg at her 12 month check up a month ago) but she is now walking everywhere and gabbering away in her own little language. She can say Mum, Dad, Bub, Nan, soo (for shoe), Ta, sta (star when she does the actions to Twinkle Twinkle). She can wave, do the actions for Twinkle Twinkle and round and round the garden (but she tickles herself lol). She brings us things when she wants things now too which is showing how much she understands. I asked her yesterday to go to her high chair so she could have tea and she walked over to it and grabbed a bib. She has brought us nappies when she has needed a nappy change (without being asked) and she brings us her shoes or her pants to go outside in when she wants to go outside. her hair is getting longer now and can mangage to stay in a ponytail…

Whale spout hair

Whale spout

Here are some other pics I took of her yesterday (sorry she’s such a grub lol we were playing outside)…

Tilly with Ball

Happy Tilly 2

Happy Tilly1

Matilda up close

Tilly walking2

Tilly walking

Tilly up close

and before I go, here is the latest layout I just finished this morning. It is for a class that I am teaching at my local scrap shop Picture2page

Obvious Love LO
Some detail of the brad/pearl/eyelet flourish-

Obvious love LO  flourish detail

Lots of handstitching-

Obvious Love Lo Flower detail



Only 2 more sleeps til I get to see everyone at Camping…Yay!!!! (I can hardly wait).



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A few more layouts…

Just a few more to share today all containing bits and pieces from the ‘Funky and eclectic mini-kits, with a vintage vibe’ September Qtea kit

This first layout has quite a story attached…I had this layout in the bottom of the pram while walking to go drop off some supplies to someone and a big gust of wind blew it out from under the pram onto the road and it was ran over twice! It survived…fairly well…the ‘Tildy’s Tile’ got a bit smashed and I did lose one small ribbon flower but it’s ok lol. I did it in celebration of 10 yrs since Shannon and I had started going out.

10 yrs on LO

Matilda painted the background on this layout. The journalling is all about how Matilda brought a nappy and the container of wipes to us at least twice on the weekend when she needed a nappy change…so clever! She also brought me her ‘puddle’ pants that she wears when she goes outside (made from water proof material so she doesn’t get her pants wet when crawling around the front yard) when she wanted to go outside too. She is so clever…we were very impressed!

I'm Impressed LO

This is my favourite out of the latest that I have done.

Picking Flowers LO

Still feeling a bit sick with a cold at the moment. We have all been sick but seem to be getting over it but this morning I woke up with a headache and a sore ear so I am off to the Dr tomorrow to get my ear checked out.

I’m so looking forward to camping on the weekend! We are meeting up with my family at Lakes entrance for a weekend catchup camping. Shannon is piking on us now as the Hawks have made it to the Grand Final and he couldn’t possibly tear himself away so Tilly & I will probably venture up there by ourselves. xx

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A few layouts to share

I havn’t been sharing any layouts for a while, so here are a few..
Ya Dag

eyelet swirls LO

'The Clan' Layout

'Drool Baby' Layout

'Playing Baby Jesus' Layout

Such Joy

'Love ya' lo

'Safe' lo

'Who will save your soul' LO

There are many more but I need to take a few more photos before I can show them off. 

This month I have a layout published in Scrapbook Creations Magazine (pg 103 for those playing along at home) which I am pretty excited about. It’s my first ever published layout so yeah…here it is (sorry the photo is pretty crap)…
'U made us a family' LO

Thanks for looking. J xx


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A gate and a Goth

Just a quick post to show you some piccies of Shannon from the Academy’s Black and White ball last weekend where he went dressed in Goth (going to a ball lol).
Shannon dressed in Goth

Shannon dressed in Goth
and this week we put up a gate to block off the kitchen. We were getting sick of Tilly emptying all the drawers and cupboards (and it was getting to hard to make it safe for her…this was the easiest way). She doesn’t seem to mind it though.

Locked out of the kitchen

Locked out of the kitchen

and a few of Tilly playing at playgroup…she loves it there.

Playing in the sandpit –
Playing at playgroup September 08

On the bikes-

Playing at playgroup September 08

Playing at playgroup September 08

Oh and before i go, here is the Tinkering Ink prize pack I won from Embellished Idol.

 Tinkering Ink prize pack

and here is a layout I did recently using it –

 Snow LO

I have some other news in regard to that comp too but I will leave that till another time. Night all. xx


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Happy Fathers Day (and other pics)

A big Happy Fathers Day to our Daddies.


Here are a few pics of Tilly & daddy at Lillydale lake.


Daddy & Tilly


Tilly & daddy


Daddy & Tilly on the tree branch



Tilly in the flower field

Tilly picking flowers


Tilly & Mummy-

Mummy & Tilly2

Mummy & Tilly

Matilda has also learnt how to say ‘boo’ and how to do ’round and round the garden’ on her hand and then she tickles herself! So cute! She is such a climber and can now climb onto the couch and onto the side board and even onto the kitchen table if you leave any bags around on the floor… we have to be so careful now! She loves to get into the kitchen cupboards and pull out all of the contents… not good! Shannon is actually at Bunnings as I write this picking up a gate to stop her from getting into the kitchen. lol. 

Ok, will be back in the next couple of days with some more updates, so be sure to check back in on us 🙂


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Washing fun.

The other day I sorted the washing in the hall way into lights and darks ready to go in the machine. I carried the load of lights to put them on and then out crawled Matilda from the hallway looking like this…
Look at me...I'm Mummy...

Cheeky girl

Tilly & Mummys Bra


Haha Funny girl

She thought she was so funny too! LOL. Boy that girl of mine is one crazy chick. xx


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