Park fun.

Here are some other pics as promised. Last weekend we drove to Woori Yallock and stopped and had a picnic at the park. Here is Miss matilda going down the slide all by herself!


and backwards…
and on her belly…face first…
She wasn’t scared at all! Too funny!
I can hardly believe that she turns 1 at the end of this month…it’s incredible and a little bit frightening really.
and here is a little sneak peek for Peta. Your pressie is all done babe, just don’t know when i’ll be able to pop it in the post.
Oh and before I go, I have decided to enter Embellished Idol this year (just for fun). It is a scrapping comp. Details are here. There is also a link in my sidebar. You can win prizes even for just visiting the site and being a spectator without even entering so be sure to check it out (and I need your support to stay in the comp so you need to vote for me lol).
Ok, off to fix dinner. Much love J xox

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One response to “Park fun.

  1. Those slide pics are a classic!!! My she is growing so fast!

    Hey can’t you share a full piccie of Peta’s pressie? I wanna see how it turned out.

    Oh and goodluck for Idol. It’s going to be fun doing it with you.

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