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Woo Hoo I made it through!

I’m so excited I made it through to round 4 of Embellished Idol. I didn’t even post on here anything about it (been busy) or send any messages to anyone. So I’m feeling pretty stoked about that actually. Thanks if you voted for me this week. The challenge was to scrap a life motto on something other then 12 x 12 paper. Here is my entry-

All things are possible seat

It is a little wooden chair that I picked up at the local op shop for $3 for Tilly. The motto is actually a verse from the Bible taken from Matthew 19:26 and says ‘with God, all things are possible’. I mostly used rub ons and sticker letters as I wanted it to be flat and still usable for her. Well, I got 19 votes! So I’m stoked.

I did do a canvas first-


But decided not to enter it and had a play with the chair instead. This motto says ‘Don’t measure life by the breathes you take but by the moments that take your breath away’.

Here are some other recent layouts for you to see too –

Country Boy

(journalling says-‘you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy’)

Country Boy LO

‘A Dream is a wish your heart makes’Dream LO

‘Christmas Joy’ a challenge set by Tammie to use a plastic bag on a lo (the green frame).

Christmas Joy LO

Matilda at 10 months.

Tilly @ 10 months

And this thursday coming is Matilda’s 1st birthday. Daddy has been wanting to get Tilly this special bike carriage for a while so he can take her for rides and when Target started their toy sale this week, we saw them on sale for much cheaper then you buy them for at the bike shop (like $300 cheaper!) so off shannon went and came home with Tillys present early. We all had to get up at 7 am the following morning (Friday) to go for a family bike ride around the block before breakfast to try it out. Her favourite thing is not the carriage but the blue water hose coming from the camel pack that Shannon set up in the carriage for her lol. Here are some piccies –

Daddy & Tilly's new bikeTilly in her new bike carriage.Tilly sucking on the blue water hoseShe's addicted to this hose lol

The new Challenge at Embellished for this coming week is to Use Stitching on your LO, so I’m off to get my thinking cap on.

Hugs, Jodi xox



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Round 2 voting…

yep, it’s voting time again!

The criteria for round 2 was –
Your layout must include the following…….

* At least 1 photo
* Journaling
* Title
* You must use a mask (this is the opposite of a stencil)

So here is my round 2 entry…

At Home lo

Name to vote for is Batnbub (if your interested lol)

Please be sure to check out the gallery to see all of the entries for this round (there WILL BE ELIMINATIONS arghh), choose 5 that you like and send an email with your fav five listed in the subject line to

(Don’t forget about Dannii & Megan S too 🙂 )

Thanks for your support!

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Little Miss Independent!

Miss Matilda has decided that she enjoys feeding herself lately, So i thought I’d hand the spoon over and see how she went. Sh did an amazing job actually and hardly spilt any! Here are a few pics of her feeding herself some yoghurt.Tilly feeding herself yoghurtFedding herself yoghurtTilly feeding herself

and i just love this one…pinky up and everything!

Tilly feeding herself yoghurt


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I had a bit of a play this week with a couple of spare card kits from the shop and made quite a few cards…here they are…



So if you have a birthday or other celebration coming up…lol…you’ll probably end up with one of these.

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I made it to round 2!

just like everyone else…lol. Ali (the owner of Embellished) threw in a little curve ball this week and has decided that there will be no eliminations so (by default) I have made it through to Round two! Thanks to those people who voted for me anyhow…it’s always nice to feel loved. The clue for this coming week is that it’s going to get messy, so I’m guessing paint maybe? Should be fun, whatever it is!


See ya round like a rissole! xx

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Embellished Idol has begun…& happy Birthday Peta!

This year I have decided to enter an online scrap booking competition over at Embellished. The competition is called Embellished Idol. It runs for 8 weeks and each week a challenge is posted on the Idol blog and all entrants are to complete the challenge and upload it to the Challenge gallery. At 5pm on Friday each week you can go and vote on the blog for the entrants you like the most. So be sure to head on over to the gallery, check out the competition and be sure to vote on the blog before Sunday 5pm.

Here is my entry for round one if you’d like a look. It’s a double layout on Peta and Matt’s wedding. I have some other exciting news from them but I will leave that til another time. Here is the layout.
Close up detail so you can see the beautiful pink embies I crocheted –
My user name is Batnbub (if your interested *wink, wink*)
Here is Dannii’s entry and Megs entry. There are heaps of other beautifully done layouts to see too so be sure to have a little browse while you are there.
First prize is worth over $250 but I’m just entering for the fun of challenging myself each week (however, the prize would be nice lol).
Also, Happy Birthday for today little sis! My little sister (by 2 yrs) celebrates her 26th birthday today. She has extra good reason to celebrate (but as I said earlier…I will leave that til another time).
Love you so much babe.
Hope your birthday has been a blast!


Hugs -xox-

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Park fun.

Here are some other pics as promised. Last weekend we drove to Woori Yallock and stopped and had a picnic at the park. Here is Miss matilda going down the slide all by herself!


and backwards…
and on her belly…face first…
She wasn’t scared at all! Too funny!
I can hardly believe that she turns 1 at the end of this month…it’s incredible and a little bit frightening really.
and here is a little sneak peek for Peta. Your pressie is all done babe, just don’t know when i’ll be able to pop it in the post.
Oh and before I go, I have decided to enter Embellished Idol this year (just for fun). It is a scrapping comp. Details are here. There is also a link in my sidebar. You can win prizes even for just visiting the site and being a spectator without even entering so be sure to check it out (and I need your support to stay in the comp so you need to vote for me lol).
Ok, off to fix dinner. Much love J xox

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