A new haircut.

Just popping in to show off my new haircut I got yesterday with a very squirmy little girl on my lap.


and me just being silly for the fun of it…lol…


Hope you all had a great week and before i go a big CONGRATULATIONS to Joel & Belinda who welcomed baby Jashobeam (Jashobeam was one of Davids chief heros from the old testament in the Bible) Selah Ackland who was born on the 24th of June. Little Zannah must be so thrilled to have a baby brother. Much love to you guys. We have been thinking of you at this special time.
Hugs for everyone else. J xox


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2 responses to “A new haircut.

  1. Jesse

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Do! Looks great. I really need to find some time & money to go & get my hair cut etc.

  2. Megan Spinks

    Your haircut looks great. I am going to get my done tomorrow. WOO HOO! We can both be spunky together!

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