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A new haircut.

Just popping in to show off my new haircut I got yesterday with a very squirmy little girl on my lap.


and me just being silly for the fun of it…lol…


Hope you all had a great week and before i go a big CONGRATULATIONS to Joel & Belinda who welcomed baby Jashobeam (Jashobeam was one of Davids chief heros from the old testament in the Bible) Selah Ackland who was born on the 24th of June. Little Zannah must be so thrilled to have a baby brother. Much love to you guys. We have been thinking of you at this special time.
Hugs for everyone else. J xox


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I’m old…er!

Yes thats right, on wednesday I turned 28!. Fancy that. Matilda and I spent the day by going to ‘Tiny Tots Story Time’ at the local library, then we had lunch with Nan and in the evening Shannon took us out to a little local Indian restaurant for tea. Matilda loves Indian we have discovered. She loves the music and bops her little head along to the beat. She loves the naan and roti breads and even the mild curries. Life is so much easier now that she can eat the foods that we eat. 

Other foods she enjoys at the moment are cream cheese sandwiches, bananas, baby corn (her fav vegie), pears, sausages and spinach, chicken pancakes, chicken, and biscuits at Nan’s house. She has cut down to 2 breast feeds a day now – morning and evening.  She sleeps from about 7pm til 6:30 when she has some milk and goes back to sleep til 7:30 when we get up for breakfast. She is a very social little girl and loves to play with other kids.


On Thursday this week I babysat Megans little boy Joel for the morning. It was so cute and Tilly & Joel just followed each other around the house. We had a lovely morning and it was nice to have someone else here to help entertain her for a bit.

On Thursday night we had the Bests over for dinner for my birthday dinner. Dannii bought around a lovely present from them all. I got a Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker and a disk full of piccies from the photo shoot Dannii did for me for my birthday. Here are a few of my fav’s…

It was a fun day. We had them taken at Montrose Recreation Reserve which is a fabulous new park they have in Montrose. It is all wooden and just beautiful. There are little shop front and all sorts of things.

Thank you again Dannii for doing that for me. The photo’s look great.


Last night I had a few girlies over for a movie night. We watched ‘P.S I love you’ as Peta recommended it. It was sad but a great girly flick. Had funny bits too which made it a great movie to watch. 

Nothing much else to report except that Shannon is buying me a gym membership for my birthday at the new ‘Contours’ Gym that has opened locally. Looking forward to getting into that.

Much love J xox

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This week we are celebrating my birthday at Scrapniques. I’m turning 28 on wednesday and want you to share in the celebrations with a massive 28% off store wide sale.

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A few layouts to share today.

A few weeks back we had a ‘Round Robin’ Crop with the girls from Scrapniques. A ‘Round Robin’ Crop is when everyone has 10 minutes to work on their own layout and then a timer goes off and you must pass your layout on to the next person to work on it. So after 50 minutes (5 people present), you get a completed layout back that everyone has done a little bit on.
Here is my layout from the crop –


Here are a couple of others that I have completed lately too –
‘Sweet as Sugar’


‘You are such a Grub’


There is nothing much to report from here really. Matilda is growing well. She is still such a small thing. Tall and thin (atheletic my sister calls her). She is now 10months old and weighs 7.44kg. She is about 71cm tall now. She jabbers away in her own language and gets into everything. She is very active.

She now sleeps from about 7pm til about 6:45am (she sometimes wakes for a feed at about 5am though). I am still breastfeeding her and she has 3 – 4 feeds a day.

Here are a few new pics for you to enjoy –


If you happen to pop by, be sure to leave a comment so I know you were here. Much love, J xox


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Today only!!!

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