The last 3 weeks…

The last three weeks have been busy but fun. Here’s what happened…
Week 1 – Matilda and I packed our bags (well, i packed our bags) and we caught the train and bus to Cobargo to surprise Mum for Mothers Day and her 60th Birthday. Thank you so much to everyone for making that happen – It was lovely. I would insert some pics here from the party but for some reason they have erased from my camera when i uploaded them onto Mum’s computer so I will have to get them when I visit next.
During the week, I learnt (again) how to ride a motorbike… it was so much fun and didn’t even have one crash! Mum and Dad have a postie and it’s great to ride. Matilda even had a small (very slow) ride with Uncle Craig. She loved it. She kept looking out the side at the road and smiling up into my face. She also helped feed the chooks and collect the eggs (I’m talking about 1000 chooks here people!). She had a great time playing with her cousins (but she is still learning how to defend herself lol).
Towards the end of the first week I received a phone call from Shannon saying that he would be going on camp with the yr 9’s the following week so we decided that Matilda and I would stay an extra week.
Week 2 – This week was a bit of a bed hopping week. We spent the weekend with Aunty Peta and Uncle Matty.


Tilly had a ride with Uncle Matt on his 4 wheeler at the Farm and it was lovely to spend some time relaxing with them.
We then went home to Granny & Papa’s house where we spent the next 2 nights. Matilda really enjoyed watching Uncle Nathan on his new Ripstick. She loves being outdoors now and enjoyed her time crawling around on the pavers.
Back to Mum and Dad’s we went and spent an afternoon helping Aunty Tammie pick out a sight for her new hot house. Here is Matilda in her ‘farm clothes’ crawling around over at Aunty Tammie and Uncle Brett’s farm –


Miles celebrated his 1st Birthday on the 14th of May, along with Ryan celebrating his 4th.
Here is a photo of Miles and the snake cake I made him for his birthday celebration –


I don’t have a photo of Ryan on his birthday. This is the most recent one that I could find of him in my Pics. Here he is playing at the beach (I really must take some more cute piccies of your cute kidlets, Jo-Ann).
From here we went to Aunty Vicki & Uncle Mal’s place to prepare for Samantha’s 14th Birthday Party.
Here are a couple from the party…Sami and Grandfa –
The birthday blow –


Straight after Sami’s party we caught the bus back home leaving Bega at about 11:10 pm and arrived back in Dandenong at 6:20 am (a whole hour early then what we when we were supposed to arrive). Matilda slept the whole way thankfully.
and by that evening I had the dreaded cold that Dad, Craig and Mum had while we were up there and all this week I have been sick with fevers, headaches, sore throat, body aches, hot/cold sweats, swollen glands etc. I have passed it onto Shannon of course and by thursday we had both been so sick that we trundled off to the Dr to discover that we have Tonsillitis and Matilda and a small upper respiratory infection so we are all on penicillin now and feeling much better.
This week there were 2 other birthdays celebrated. Both on the same day (Wednesday 28th May). Happy Birthday to Aloma and Zannah.
I made this little Giraffe for Zannah –


Her name is “Dotty”. She should arrive in the mail real soon.

I have just 1 more lot of photos to share before I go and they are of Tilly enjoying her noodles. She is so cute and shoves them in her mouth and slurps them up (yes Sarah, I know, I must work on that before Granny and Grandpa come out at Christmas time lol).

Photobucket Too cute!

Ok, I’ve bombarded you enough. Enjoy, Toodles xxx


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2 responses to “The last 3 weeks…

  1. Hey Jodi
    Looks like you had a ball back home. Bummer about getting sick when you got back. Hoping you are better soon.
    Love love love that giraffe. So very cute.

  2. vicki

    you are just to cleaver for words and yes the flu present really suxed but having you home even tho i didn’t see you much was a real blessing i love getting to spend time with you cause your a great sister and i love you oodles and oodles and just like me you have really cute kids well kid so far he he love ya v

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